Music applied to real life


  1. Could This Be ? - RnB Love  dream comes true

  2. Don’t Pass It on- Pop- The scourge of HIV. It can be acquired by any one. A plea to people to get tested and not to pass it on.

  3. Existence Code Red- Blues – A red alert for our planet-global warming.  Save it.

  4. Fast Track- Pop-A girl who is the fast lane. She is trouble.

  5. Feelings -Pop-A person who is quite difficult to love.

  6. Have You Ever Loved Somebody? -Pop-Advice to the menfolk to treat their women right or run the risk of future loneliness.

  7. How Can I? -Blues Lies and addiction to love

  8. How Many Times?- Pop-A Relationship riddled with conflicts but kept going with patience.

  9. Love So Divine- Ballard- Everlasting love –All seasons

  10. My Love Can’t Be Cured- Ballard-Secret love. The girl of ones best friend. Betrayal and shame.

  11. Shine- Reggae- Having dreams and hard work begins to pay off.

  12. Some Other Life- Pop-A need to be real and enjoy life as it is.

  13. That Look In Your Eye- Reggae-Coming from different back backgrounds ( race, religion, tribe, political party among others) is challenging but should not be a barrier to true love.



  1. Always -Ballard-Always there for you

  2. Do That Thing- RnB-The bit that you love most in a lover

  3. Don’t Want To Be Alone -Blues-Loneliness can be difficult to handle

  4. I Gave You All I Had -RnB-All is sometimes not enough.

  5. If You Were My Lover -Pop-Wishing for a deeper relationship

  6. Money -RnB- A Gold digger

  7. Only You -Pop-Commitment is vital for a meaningful relationship

  8. Right Now- Pop-Sometimes sheer determination is needed to get and keep someone you love.

  9. Ripples -Ballard-Ripples of love flowing through the body. That is real love.

  10. The Love In Me And You- Ballard- Synergy of love overcomes problems.

  11. What Are You Gonna Do?- Blues-Indispensable love

  12. You’ve Gone Away -Blues- Missing someone you love.



  1. Everytime- Pop- A love song. What you feel every second when the one you love is away.

  2. Happy Birth Day Julie- Pop- a generic birth day song for a girl

  3. Happy Birth Day Suubi-Pop-a generic birth day song for a boy Emmanuel originally wrote this song for his son Suubi.

  4. Have I Done Enough To Be Trusted ?-Pop- A very important entity in relationships between individuals, groups and countries. It is hard work to earn it.

  5. He Said -Ballard- Advice on code of conduct given to the author by his father.

  6. I feel -Ballard-For relaxing. Someone has at last found true love. Quite a contrast with the past.

  7. I’m Happy- Pop-The author’s concept of happiness which is not conditional to  the usual suspects.

  8. I’m Really Sorry- Blues-Who said that leopards don’t change their spots? Apparently this person can .Saying ‘Sorry’ can resolve many conflicts.

  9. Let Us Celebrate -Pop- A generic song for celebrating any occasion particularly after hard work and perseverance.

  10. Let us Celebrate ft. Paulo.- Pop- A generic song for celebrating any occasion particularly after hard work and perseverance. Have a good party remembering ‘Life is too short to be worrying all the time’

  11. Thank You- Pop-These two important words for interpersonal relationships

  12. Thrills Of My Life- Pop-Brief moments when one feels being on top of the world,

  13. You’ll Never Know- Blues- A frustrated lover

  14. You’ve Got To Be Positive- Pop/World Music-Uplifting song in the difficult times of recession, unemployment, natural disasters to name but a few.

  15. Your Market Value -Pop-One way of assessing the value of a person.

  16. Thank You -Pop-Calming effect. Let the instruments do the talking!