How Many Times?

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Paulo Ndawula

About this track

How Many Times? Pop – a relationship riddled with conflicts and patience


Verse 1

See you with another guy: it hurts me to see you then,cause I know you know what I'm feeling inside

Can we get past all the things that make us mad but it seem it's always me who's mad. But it hurts so much can't you

understand that. And I try so hard to meet you half way but it's always the same story. Things go wrong , It's all my fault.

But I know you can share the blame.Being with hurtsso much.I can't be it all, girl it's true.

Be that girl be that girl I fell in love with. Can't you understand.

Chorus 1

How may times does the love fade away, The you go go away and I wait for you to come back.

And sad as it seems, it's always the same between you and me. How may times do i have to plead no when you happy to go

and I really want your love back. And as sad as it seems it's always the same between you and me

Verse 2

Can't you see things need to change. But you can't see that, You never see that. It all means jack.

Wont you be the girl who understands. But the the loves fades way. I know you can't stay, it all falls apart.

Oh I wish I could turn back the hands of time but I can't solve I have to  stay content with this. Things change all the time but not  you

 and I. Mmmmm. Be that girl be that girl that I fell in love with.   Can't you understand.

Chorus 2

Chorus 3 with backer : Oh yeah oh --- Oh tell me  tell me ---

How many times How how how  may time -- it's always the same beteen you  and me  x5