Existence Code Red

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Paulo Ndawula

About this track

Existence Code Red - Blues - Red alert for our planet-save it !!



It's an emergency of some exingency. I've just affected my heart

It's just a state of mind, existence undermined, we're just so lost it's unreal 

Verse 1

So the curtain's drawn, it's the final dawn but it's not so oh it only feels like it so
Much trepidation here, but my sight is clear, I thought I'd cling to truth, 
But no truth, no revelation today, the curtain's drawn at least everyday 
I never asked for this life, but who does? I'll do my best I'll be the one you love


Verse 2

So it seems that we have stated that we cannot live like this, it's just to bad we're falling
But if we give up, then we'll just construct a world where we cannot be living anymore
(No more home) we venture foolishly into this night, we never knew how much we misuse life


But I know the situation is bleeding me so dry, but I'm determined to try and hold on
Have the strength to be strong, but my soul is weighted I just can't take it
I can't take it anymore, this world is cutting me to my core
There's one thing of which I'm sure, I can't sit still I've got to do more



Chorus x3














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