Let Us Celebrate ft Paulo

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Emmanuel Ndawula

About this track

Let Us Celebrate ft Paulo -Pop- a song for celebrating success achieved by hard work and perseverance



Sing Sing be joyful. It is special day. Sing Sing be joyful. Let us celebrate this special day.

Singing(Singing Singing), Dancing ( Dancing Dancing). What an exciting time. Singing( Singing Singing) Dancing

Let us celebrate this special day.

Verse 1

Life is too short , to be worrying all the time. Don't put it off because tomorrow may never come.

Chorus 2

Rap : We wanted this for years, years years  and years no more tears. The hard work is done, celebrate the fun bringing us

together, to celebrate as one. Open your eyes-we've just worn the prize. Life is good. I 've just realised

Shout to the crowds. Come join us now. Come on everybody all sing aloud.

The journey has been long but we've come very far. Took the chances we had, no regrets in our hearts. Everybody's in,

Everybody sing. Your friends still at home? Give them a ring. The party is here. Everybody cheer. Time to share with those

are dear. Shout to the crowd' Come join us now Come everybody all sing aloud.

Chorus 3

Verse 2

Winning or losing, it does'nt matter today. Those who lose today may be winners on another day.

Chorus 4

Sing sing be joyful . It is a special day. Sing sing be joyful . Let us celebrate this special day.

Let's go. Singing( Singing Singing).Let's go Dancing( Dancing Dancing). (That's why I sing like this. That is why I dance like this)
What an exciting time. Let's go Singing Let's go Dancing. Let's celebrate this special day.
Verse 3
We will remember, today as a special day. History has been made on this beautiful and remarkable day
Chorus x3 with adlibs: Let's go. I feel plenty of joy. I really feel good