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Jonathan Ndawula

About this track

Ripples -Ballard- Ripples of love flowing through the body -that is real love.




Oh yeah, when I saw you for the very first time, Earth and heaven aligned

When I anticipate your touch it sends waves through me girl (oh, oh, oh). In the river of my soul,

you complete my half as whole, It's like tides of love are changing me it's not hard to see why


Every time I see you it's like rainy season flips and changes and I finally see the sun

And it hits me in the heart



Like oceans deep, inside of me it feels complete

You made me see how much I care for you what I feel for you,

I saw on the sign and there was love from the start (love from the start)

You send ripples to my heart,Oh yes you do



When I see your heavenly smile Girl it makes me go so wild

Baby when I feel your kiss it's like a cool breeze on my lips

You make shallow waters deep (You can make shallow waters deep)

You could make an angel weep (you can make an angel weep)

With your beauty bearing, sharing now for all to see

Da da-- You are beautiful (la la la la), wonderful



Ripples through my heart, Oh yes you do