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He Said


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Emmanuel Ndawula



I remember the words of wisdom which my father said to me

He took me to one side and said words which will stay with me for ever

He said-Listen to me my son

You have to  work hard to have a bright future

The beginning may be difficult but you have to persevere until you find what you are looking for

That is what he said to me

I still remember the words clearly


He said -Stay focused on what you want to do

(He said again) Aim high and keep to your plans

(He kept on saying) Keep on trying again and again)

( He went on to say)Never give up until you succeed


I still remember the words clearly


He said -Life is not easy

You got to have an instinct for survival

Don't waste your time on things which are of no value to you

That is what he said to me

He said -Life is like a race

You have to stay in your lane and run as fast as you can-yeah

Plan your life alone, don't take notice of what other people say to you. That is what he said to me

I still remember the words clearly



He said-It pays to do what is right and do to others what you would like them to do to you

Never take revenge because in the end you be the loser. That is what he said to me

He said-Never forget where you come from  It is the core of what you are. If you ever forget your roots you will be lost for ever. That

 is what he said to me




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