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My Love Can’t Be Cured


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Paulo Ndawula

My love can’t be cured-Ballard-Secret love.The girl of my best friend, Betrayal, Shame.



I am in love, for I feel love  For this girl she is my lover

Oh but she can't be with me Because her love is for another

If a feeling is so strong, Could it all just be wrong, I never thought I'd meet a girl this way

I can depend on my friend, I felt I've know this guy forever,

How can I tell a lie, I don't want to endeavour

And my heart it feels so torn, And I'm feeling so forlorn, I never thought I'd meet a girls this way



And I look upon my life everday, I think "Could it have been another way?"

And I think about the guilt, the shame, the pain that I endured, And it seems to me my love can't be cured



And she knows my love will grow As she draw even closer

I have to stay, can't run away, It's only me who really knows her

I don't know why I feel like this, I was beaten by a kiss, I never thought I'm meet a girl this way

I stole this girl, like a pearl, That was stolen from the ocean

Sometimes I'm scared when no ones there It's just my superstitious notion

And the feeling just wont go It's not going to work I know, I never thought I'd meet a girl this way






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