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Only You


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Jonathan Ndawula

Only You -Pop- Commitment is vital for a meaningful relationship





Don't you take your love away from me. When/but I dont find you when I need you x2


All I wanted was you .But it seems that you were confused About the things I did( things I did ohh)

But If you listen to me baby then you will see all you need is right here ( All you need yeah, yeah )


Verse 2

What I wanted is to be close to you. Feel a love that brings me something new. And we could make it right.

Need a lover to make me feel the buzz Never knew such a feeling that there was .And we could keep it tight.


All I want  All I want want, want  --All I want --All I want want, want  -- All I want.. All I want want Is to be with you ( Oh no no)

All I want  All I want want --All I want --All I want want  --All I want ..All I want ( ye ye ye ) Is to be with you girl

( Yeah come on like that).  Oh  mm Girl  don't take your love from me  oh


( Don't take it from baby. Don't take it from me girl. Don't take it from me baby---










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