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You've Gone Away


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Jonathan Ndawula

You've Gone Away -Blues- Missing her


Yeah  Come on ... Come on x 3


You treating me so unreasonably, I thought we would be together

I can't help but feel bad

We had something special and I thought it would last, last forever, a love so true

Yeah come on



You've gone away and now I just feel so hurt inside

Thought you were the one, the one I care for (Yeah come on)

You made it fairly clear, You don't want no part of me

I just want to be with you, The way that we were before

Yeah come on



You told me that you needed to go, But I was your best friend; A friend so close

You made me feel so natural by your side, Out of the girls I had loved, I loved you the most

Yeah come on




Everything we shared has now gone away, Every minute of the day I wonder where you are

Do you ever think of me cause I think of you, We had something special, So special and true

Yeah com on



Don't believe it, why did you go away

Don't believe it, why did you go away

( Yeah Come on Come on Come on)

Why I don't believe it

Don't believe it

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